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Welcome to

AMG Psychology

An independent Clinical Psychology Service offering assessment, psychological therapy, consultation and coaching services for adults in the

Surrey area. 

Remote consultations and clinic appointments in central Oxted

Could you benefit from Psychological Therapy?

Are your problems getting in the way of leading the life you would like to lead?


Are they having a negative impact on your work, relationships or home life?


Are they having a negative impact on your view
of yourself as a good enough person?


Are you struggling with troubling thoughts
and feelings like anxiety or sadness?


If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”
then you could benefit from psychological therapy.

Psychological therapy helps you to make sense of your difficulties and move forward with more successful coping strategies – helping you lead a better life. It is effective for a wide range of emotional and psychological difficulties including anxiety, depression, stress, work-related problems, coping with long-term physical health problems, difficulties with relationships, trauma and coming to terms with past or present events that are troubling and proving difficult to manage. 


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